Customs of admiring flowers in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in the subtropical zone, which is with long time of summer and warm winter, and the trees in Guangzhou are always green and the flowers are always in blossom all year round. It has enjoyed the reputation of Flower City since ancient times. Guangzhou has a long history of planting flowers, protecting flowers, admiring flowers and gifting flowers. It can be traced back to more than 2,000 ago in the Western Han Dynasty, and the people of Guangzhou at that time had enjoyed planting flowers, mixing flowers, and wearing flowers, and there were filled with flowers in front of the houses and the halls. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou had become the first in China to have “Spring Festival flower fair”, which was famous at home and abroad then. Three days before the New Year's Eve every year, the district in front of the vassal office of Guangzhou City (now in front of Beijing Road Finance Department) formed a flower fair covering a street of a few miles long, the flowers in the market were contending in fragrance and fascination, and there were crowds of people in the market, Guangzhou’s reputation of “Flower City" is worthy of its name, the nickname and reputation are unique to Guangzhou alone among the domestic cities. The flower fair is still extinct and it has a history of over 200 years. Guangzhou's Spring Festival-greeting blossom market has become increasingly larger in recent years, and it has been held in eight municipal districts, forming a spectacular scene of a total of dozens of people in flower-street.

Blooming flowers in Guangzhou

Many cities in the world, including China, have their own municipal flowers. Guangzhou's municipal flower is kapok. Some people say that Guangzhou is a hero city, as it was the hero's blood that colored cotton. In Guangzhou, Kapok is also known as a hero flower. Kapok tree is considered as a hero tree. Kapok can be said to be the highest and biggest municipal flower in the world.

Kapok Tree

In addition to kapok, Guangzhou has flowers all the year round, such as Plum Blossom,camellia,peach blossom, sakura, bauhinia flower, Mucuna birdwoodiana, flame-tree, Lotus flower, crape myrtle, rose, sunflower, Ceiba insignis, daffadilly, as well as Bougainvillea glabra and peony.

Guangzhou cate made from flowers

Flower desserts: An artwork full of floral fragrance
Flower food: Not only delicious but also decorative
Flower drinking: Taste good and beautiful

Places of admiring flowers in Guangzhou

Guidance of admiring flowers in winter of Guangzhou

Plum blossom

  1. Place:
  2. ① Luogang Hornsey
  3. ② Liuxihe National Forest Park: Liuxi Hornsey
  4. ③ Shimen National Forest Park
  5. ④ Baiyun Mount plum valley

Flower economy in Guangzhou

Guangzhou people’s tradition and passion of loving flowers, growing flowers, appreciating flowers and presenting flowersdirectly drive the development the flower industry in Guangzhou. At present, Guangzhou has a flower planting area of nearly 100,000 mu and more than 2,000 flower varieties. The annual output value of flowers exceeds 2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 15% of the country. These indicators exceed the domestic flower fair in Shanghai, Kunming and Beijing. As the country's largest flower producing area, Guangzhou is production and supply center of potted ornamental plants in the country, the main distribution center of national flowers and the distribution center of flowers imported to Japan. Guangzhou's flower trade ranks first in the country, and it influences the national price.

Guangzhou Spring Festival flower fair