Huadu Lantern Show

    Generally Huadu Lantern Show is held around the Lantern Festival, consisting of five parts, which are “a thousand-year banquet”, praising of lanterns, showing of lanterns, parade of lanterns, and sending of lanterns. You can see a typical lantern show at Shuikou Village, Tanbu Town. On the night of lunar January 15, lanterns will be hung at the doors of every household and the ancestral temples, which feature various shapes and colors. In the showing of lanterns, each lantern is given an auspicious name, such as a lantern of Mercy Goddess bringing blessing, five kinds of fortune coming to your home, the lucky star, accompanied by auspicious doggerel. The character “lantern” is used to refer to “population”, so it implies that the owners of lanterns will have more family members and make more fortune. After that, a parade of lanterns will be held. Villagers, male andfemale, old and young, carry various lanterns in their hand and walk in lanes and streets, and village paths and fields. Through the bustling lantern show, they express their best wishes for a good harvest, a flourishing family and a happy life.